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Picket Fence Installation in Lowell

Improve your home or business with a simple but classic fence design. Contact our professional installers for a free estimate for picket fence installation in Lowell today.

An icon of the American dream, white picket fences are a popular option for homeowners and are even occasionally seen around outdoor dining areas or used decoratively outside businesses. At Shannon Fence Company, Inc., we’re a local, family-owned and operated company and build our fences in-house.

We’ve served Lowell, MA, and the surrounding communities for nearly three decades are committed to providing fencing solutions that are durable, practical, and competitively priced. While we can surely install classic white picket fences, we have the experience, tools, and materials to go well beyond that with innovative custom designs—choose your materials, color, picket shape, and more.

Want a bit more rustic, down-home feel to your fence? Consider a post and rail fence with a farm-style gate.

The Highest-Quality Fencing Materials in Lowell

While when you think of a picket fence, you’re very likely envisioning a wood fence, a picket fence can be made of virtually any fencing material. Here are a few of the most popular options we offer here in Lowell:

  • Wood: The most affordable option for picket fencing, wood offers a classic look that’s easy to change-up with stain or paint as your style evolves. However, it is higher maintenance than other materials.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl can be molded to look like wood but is lighter weight and doesn’t require any maintenance beyond the occasional spray down with a hose. It costs a bit more than wood, though.
  • Aluminum: Powder-coated to resist rust, aluminum picket fences have a luxury, high-class feel akin to wrought-iron without the cost or weight.

We can also combine materials to create something entirely new for you. Our professional installers will always take the time to fully understand your needs and make sure you fully understand the pros, cons, maintenance needs, and cost of the fencing material you choose.

Want a matching gate for your new picket fence? We build custom gates with all the same materials as our fencing.

Pick Your Picket and Post Style

Your customization options don’t stop at material either. You can also choose from a wide range of picket and post styles. Picket styles depend on the shape and length of the picket:

  • Classic spear: Simple, flat, and sheds water well
  • Turned: Rounded pickets often with a decorate bead before the tip
  • Georgian Point: Similar to a classic spear but with bead before the tip like a turned picket
  • Shapely Victorian: Elaborate picket shapes with intricate details
  • Arched: Picket-length is used to form a curved arch in the fence line
  • Scalloped: Like an arched picket, but the curve is inverted
  • Dual-picket or alternating height: Picket heights are alternated or paired to create patterns
  • Capped: The entire fence line is capped to create a clean look

Common post cap styles include ball, flat, and spiked. If you like, you can use one material for your pickets and another for your posts. We’re happy to help you design your fence, whether you know exactly what you want or need a bit of inspiration.

Trust the experience of our professional installers for all your picket fence projects in Lowell, MA. Call Shannon Fence Company, Inc. at (978)-667-8776 for a free quote today.

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