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4 Picket Fence Designs for Your Massachusetts Home

picket fence designs

Picket fences have existed for many years, and they’re a proven solution to boosting curb appeal and even increasing your privacy. However, with all of the designs available to you, it might be challenging to choose just one. With the help of a professional fence builder and designer like Shannon Fence Company Inc., you’ll find just the fence to suit your needs. 

There are thousands of potential picket fence styles and configurations out there, but if you need something to get your thoughts flowing, consider the options and ideas listed in this guide. 

1. White Picket Fence

The traditional white picket fence design is a hallmark of American history that’s been around for more than one hundred years. This classic design is a guaranteed winner when it comes to mass curb appeal. However, the individual pickets that make up the design can vary widely – and they don’t even have to be white!

Traditionally, the picket styles you choose make the biggest difference in the final appearance of the picket fence. For a simple, understated solution, you can use straight posts and rails without a design at the top, or you can go all out with turned or capped pickets for a more stately and eye-catching look. For an extra classy touch, choose fence posts that match or enhance the design of the white pickets. 

2. Vinyl and Composite Fences

For a lightweight, low-maintenance fence that doesn’t require painting, consider investing in a picket vinyl fence or composite fence. While these fencing materials are usually more expensive per linear foot than wood, they can be a great option when lumber is in short supply, and they offer a slightly smoother, more elegant look than a wood fence. 

They may also come in fence panels, which can be erected much faster than a traditional picket fence. While vinyl is traditionally white, composite can come in many colors, including wood imitations that require much less maintenance than the real thing.

3. Natural Wood Fence

Untreated or stained wood pickets can be just as appealing as their white counterparts, if not more so. The type of wood you choose, including treated lumber and pressure-treated wood, can also improve the fence’s longevity. 

Untreated picket fence designs may sometimes require staining every few years depending on the type of fence wood you choose, though some woods, such as cedar, are naturally resistant to outdoor weather and can do quite well untreated. 

4. Metal Fence

Metal picket fence designs can come in many materials, shapes, finishes, and colors, but today’s most common options are aluminum and wrought iron. Iron fences tend to be cost-prohibitive, but modern aluminum picket fences can give you the look and feel of wrought iron in an inexpensive and lightweight package. 

Fence Installation in Massachusetts

Today’s picket fence designs can vary widely in complexity, shape, and finish—more than enough to give every homeowner exactly the design they want and need. If you’re looking for a picket fence company in Massachusetts to install a fence for you, consider giving Shannon Fence Company a call at 978-346-3955 to get the process started.

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