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8 Stylish Driveway Gate Ideas: Wood, Metal & Artistic Gates

Express your home’s personality from the roadside by using one of Shannon Fence Company’s top eight driveway gate ideas for Massachusetts homes! The style of a house says a lot about the owner’s personality, and a stunning entrance makes an immediate statement. From classic, wrought iron gates to rich, Mediterranean-style gates, you can let onlookers know more about yourself without ever saying a word.

Take a look at some of Shannon Fence Company’s most creative driveway gate design ideas below!

1. Lodge-style Gates

With their large overhead crossbeams and simple wooden doors, lodge-style gates make you feel like cozy home-cooking, and even better company, lie just ahead. Add warmth to your home with a lodge-style gate and added comfort for anyone needing shelter from a storm.

2. Wrought Iron Gates

An elegant, timeless classic, wrought iron gates have never gone out of style. Plus, they allow homeowners to display their architectural preferences. Customers can choose from Gothic, Renaissance-revival, Modern Industrial, Baroque, Rococo, and more.

3. Mixed Media Gates

Mix it up with a gate made from a variety of materials. Selecting a gate that artfully combines metal, wood, stone, and other elements can make your home stand out from the rest. They demonstrate flexibility and willingness to think outside the box.

4. Ranch-style Gates

A ranch-style gate will slow everyday life down. As one of the most popular driveway gate ideas, a ranch-style gate adds a welcoming air to your property. You may not have horses or cows grazing on your property, but a ranch-style gate gives the impression that a cowboy lives there.

5. Artistic Gates

Display your whimsical side with a custom, artistic gate. With millions of homes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you’ll find a plethora of one-of-a-kind gates. Artistic gates can span from the shapes of winter trees to those that look like something out of a sci-fi movie. These gates express your uniqueness to the neighborhood.

6. Mediterranean-style Gates

Bring a little bit of Tuscany to the States with a Mediterranean-style gate. Mediterranean-style gates, made of heavy, dark wood and embellished with stylized ribbons of wrought iron, make it look like you have a sprawling vineyard on your property. And, perhaps you do!

7. Geometric Gates

Homeowners looking for a little subtlety will appreciate the clean, intersecting lines that enhance the mathematical beauty of nature. Geometric gates are an appealing option for them. Unpretentious and unimposing, geometric gates add a thoughtful touch to your home.

8. White Wooden Gates

An American classic, this ubiquitous white wooden gate matches the white picket fences that surround millions of homes. The white wooden gate bears mentioning due to its popularity, although it might not be an original gate design idea.

Which Gate Do You Like the Most?

Do any of these driveway gate designs interest you? Shannon Fence Company serves the entire state of Massachusetts, but a unique selection of Lowell gates will fit the styles of most city homes. Give Shannon Fence Company a call at (978) 667-8776 to schedule a consultation today. 

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