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When you need a fence company in Chelmsford that you can count on, choose Shannon Fence Company. We’ve served Eastern MA and Southern NH since 1992.

While materials and design play a role in the quality and longevity of a fence, the skill of the contractor that installs it is the most important factor in determining whether a fence will last decades or need to be replaced next year.

At Shannon Fence Company, we’ve spent nearly three decades mastering the art of building the perfect fence, and we’ve built a reputation as the best fence company in Chelmsford as a result. We offer competitive, upfront pricing and the highest-quality materials and installation services possible. Get in touch with our team today for a free consultation.

Chain-Link Fences

If you want something affordable and practical, you can’t go wrong with chain-link fencing. You can choose from various mesh sizes and gauges depending on your personal needs as well as heights that can reach above 20 feet.

Chain-link requires minimal maintenance, especially with galvanized or vinyl coating. Your fence won’t rust or corrode, and the chain-link design allows wind to flow through, greatly reducing the risk of weather-related damage.

Wood Fences

Depending on where you live in the Chelmsford area, some types of wood are better for fencing than others. Different woods each have their own benefits:

  • Pine is an affordable choice that is easy to paint or stain.
  • Spruce is the most cost-effective option.
  • Redwood is naturally resistant to both rot and pests.
  • Cedar has a beautiful natural color and oils that ward off pests.
  • Cypress can be more expensive, but it boasts unmatched durability and unique grain patterns.

You can easily customize your wood fence to complement your property, whether you want to let its natural color shine or give it a new dimension with stain or paint. We manufacture our own fence materials on-site and rely on tried-and-testing fence installation techniques to build the highest-quality fences in Chelmsford.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are a more recent addition to the fencing material world, but they have become more and more prevalent thanks to a long list of benefits. They work well as pool fences and in other areas with high moisture levels because their plastic composition is resistant to UV rays, moisture, and pests. PVC is also lightweight despite its durability and high tensile strength, making it a suitable material for fence gates.

We offer a wide variety of fencing options and are happy to help you select the perfect fence material and design for your home.

Ensure your new fence stands the test of time—work with the best fence company in Chelmsford, MA. At Shannon Fence Company, our experienced fence contractors put quality, durability, and customer service above all else. Call us at (978) 667-8776 today to schedule a consultation.

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