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How to Choose a Cantilever Gate Design

cantilever gate design

If you have a large property bordered by a fence, or your fence passes across your driveway, you may be exploring your options for gates or entrances. Of course, you could always leave an opening in your fence, but this can present security and privacy concerns. Instead, consider a cantilever gate from Shannon Fence

Cantilever gate designs come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes, and they’re an excellent option for those who either don’t want a swing gate or don’t have space for one. Here’s a bit more about cantilever gates, including how to choose the right design for your property.

Cantilever Gate Designs

Whether your cantilever gate is automatic or opened manually, its design depends on several things: the opening width, the length of the gate itself, the slide gate systems employed, and the number of cantilever rollers required. Note that the length of your cantilever slide gate must be approximately 50% longer than the size of the opening itself for counterbalancing reasons.

Single-Track Gates

Single-track cantilever gates are the most basic (and least expensive) model available. They are an excellent option for most homeowners looking for an inexpensive but attractive solution. Most unmodified single-track gates require an opening of 27 feet or less to work properly. If the opening in your fence is larger than that, you may need to upgrade further. 

Most single-track gates also aren’t strong enough to support infilled fences, but they work well for picket fences, chain link fences, metal fences, and other styles that the wind can pass through easily. Finally, since the gate only uses one track, you can choose to place the tracks and support posts in line with the fence or offset from it. 

Double-Track Gates

A double-track cantilever gate uses two sets of tracks and support posts — one set in front of the fence and one set behind, usually — to create a wider and stronger fence. Double-track gates can support openings much wider than 27 feet, and the profile of the gate itself is much wider as well. 

Double-track gates may be a better option for those who want a solid or semisolid infilled gate or who want a very tall gate for security reasons. They’re also great for those who need a much larger decorative gate. You can also modify double-track gates to be even more secure with the help of a professional. 

Box Gates

As you may have guessed, a box-style cantilever gate uses two separate gates that mirror each other to create a double gate design that opens from the center. While some home and business owners might appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a box-style cantilever gate design, they are generally reserved for very large gate openings and high-wind applications. 

When you need Lowell gates in the cantilever style, such as a picket fence gate, a chain-link gate, or something more imaginative, Shannon Fence Company can help. If you have questions about a cantilever gate design, call 978-346-3955 today. 

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